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                the training is held on a Thursday evening  at the following times

                                Beginner        7-8 PM

                                Intermediate    8-9 PM

                                Advanced        9-10 PM



                              Beginner                This class is for beginners, puppies or anyone else who needs a little bit of extra help or control.

 All new dogs would be asked to come along to this class to start with till our trainers get a chance to assess them and decide which class is the most suitable. You will be focusing on getting your dogs attention, working on some basic heelwork and stays. Once your dog is secure and confident with his stays you will start to work on the Recall.


                                    Intermediate           Suitable for dogs that have completed the beginners class and have been advised by the trainer to progress to the next level You will learn some new exercises such as the retrieve and the A recall and start to challange both the dog and yourself


                                  Advanced             This class is more for competition dogs  Most dogs attending are  competing regularly at a high level 



All classes are flexible and our friendly trainers are there to help We use a positive reward based system of training so make sure to bring your dogs favourite toy and lots of tasty treats these need to be small and tasty pieces of sausage or cheese are ideal. We do sometimes have on sale "Liver Cake" every dogs favourite. Dry biscuits are not suitable as they take to long to eat and are not rewarding enough.